Taliferro Banquet

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Taliferro Banquet

Post by RememberWhenItWasAGame on Wed Jun 29, 2016 2:19 pm

Great job again by those that set-up and run this endeavor.
Both teams' players seemed hyped but ready to have fun, which is great to see.
Honorees were well deserving.
Six Selvarian brothers who all played under Coach Mac at Pennsauken(nice nod to him), all great players on great teams.
St. Joe's Camden player from 60's who was all SJ and noted as one of 50 greatest by Courier from 1950-1999.
Audubon player from 60's who played at PSU under JoePa. Played in multiple levels of the pros.
Palmyra player from late 70's who played 20 years in varied pro levels, and was 2nd behind some guy named Lewis in HS track championships-not bad.
Assistant coach who in 35 years has made stops at Cherokee, Eastern, Collingswood, and presently at East.
Parent from Washington Twp who created and ran their booster club for years, has been involved with Taliferro Foundation and raised over a million dollars for the foundation.
Haddonfield head coach Delano who reached a 100 wins and has raised that program from also-ran, to respectable, to elite status in his 14 years.

It was great to see so many people out supporting a great cause!
Thanks for doing this year in and year out.


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